About The Book - Synopsis
The New System by Sam Jane Brown - Synopsis
There’s no middle class any more. There are the boundless poor - and the fabulously wealthy, 4,000 people who are force behind the World Government. On their side, technology that means religion is no longer needed to do the job it’s been doing for so long: keeping people in check by keeping them in fear.

No-one is keener to stamp religion out than Dublin detective, Zena McGrath. Then she receives the anonymous gift of documents from the past. They seem to say that the Bible was faked only 800 years ago. It’s Zena’s job to investigate, and so she does, in Turkey, in America and then in Jerusalem.
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She finds a generation of young people, from all countries and all backgrounds, in revolt against a domineering and heartless world government. And, as World War III breaks out, this time between the elite and the world’s young, God plants his Word into the heads of the young. It’s a new Bible, and it doesn’t look a lot like the old one.

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