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Egypt's Children by Sam Jane Brown - Synopsis
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Most of the human race uses only 10% of its brain power. Did you ever wonder what would happen if anyone turned up who was five times more powerful than that? Sam Brown did.

And so she developed the idea for this story about six children who were bored in normal education, their potential wasted, until they were sent to a secret school in an equally secret location.
And a mystery is at least partially solved, because no-one knows who built the pyramids in Egypt, or how they did it. The theory has always been that the pyramids were built with the help of aliens; in fact, it was by children from the future who had travelled back in time - these children.

They built passageways in the pyramids, and in one of those passageways they hid a book that explained exactly how the pyramids had been built - but neither
passageways nor book have ever been found.

The story reverts to ancient Egypt, where the people name them Egypt’s Children and worship them as gods - but the Pharaoh of the time is jealous and plots to steal their brain power through the use of ritual. They escape - but now here they are again, in the 21st century, beset by archaeologists who will stop at nothing to get at the knowledge the children have.
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Screenplay for ":Egypt's Children" has been completed by Sam Jane Brown and Ian Bruce, Ian's Profile below. A Broadway show of this can be completed by Ian as he is a known playwright. Ian Bruce details below.
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